Classic massage

Various massage techniques relax the muscles deeply and thus relieve muscle and joint pain. Tension and fatigue disappear, you feel refreshed and strengthened.
30 minutes / 60 minutes CHF 55.00 / CHF 100.00


Sports massage

Ideal to increase your athletic performance and to shorten the regeneration time after exercise. This intensive massage improves blood circulation, promotes metabolic exchange and increases tissue oxygenation. This relaxes the stressed muscles and speeds up the recovery time.
30 minutes / 60 minutes CHF 55.00 / CHF 100.00


Lomi Lomi

Traditional massage from Hawaii that promotes the well-being of the mental, physical and emotional body through the connection with the spiritual powers.
60 min. CHF 125.00

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage effectively eliminates water retention in the tissue and thus minimizes edema and swelling. The immune system is strengthened, the metabolism activated and the detoxification of the body promoted. This treatment is especially recommended for edema, acne, cellulitis, bruises or stress.
30 minutes / 60 minutes CHF 55.00 / CHF 100.00



Take time to strengthen your self-healing powers and restore balance in your body. This special pressure massage to specific points on the feet sends positive impulses to the body to eliminate disturbances and enhance well-being.
30 minutes / 60 minutes CHF 55.00 / CHF 100.00


Relaxing massage with essential oils

This application combines the soothing effects of a massage with the healing power of essential oils. The essences are absorbed by the sense of smell and the skin, body and spirit are strengthened and you feel relaxed and relaxed.
60 min. CHF 125.00

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